Photography is “Revealing Life”.

Insightful Imagery


To me being a photographer is to be the curator of the “museum of the world”. Whether it is the a model in a cemetery, something off limits or a pile of pitted rusty pipes. I shoot these things with the need to communicate how amazing the world is.

 As a boy I explored the city.  I listened and watched. I walked the train tracks; I smelled the creosote and flattened my share of pennies.  As an adult my wanderlust has not diminished.  Today you may find me dragging an inflatable boat down three miles of train track to access and abandoned swing bridge. Or climbing an old dry dock crane towering above an abandoned shipyard.  Exploring ideas and seeing them come to life in finished images is an amazing process and experience.  I love shooting indoors and outdoors. From toy photography to star photography i want to be involved.

I have come to realize for me the “parts” of something can be more interesting than the “whole”.  My photographic style reflects this.  Up close and revealing the textures and shapes that make up the subject in front of my lens.  My goal is to give the viewer an insight to see the same world in a new way.

I am not trying to change the world with my photography. I am just trying to see what is already here!

This to me is “Insightful Imagery”


What happens when you make a purchase on my site? You are purchasing images i have gone out and captured. Or created in my studio. You are purchasing something beautiful,unique and timeless. You support my art and help reveal a bit of life!