On this page i offer links to all the most useful photography gear you see me use in my Youtube videos. I use, and recommend all the gear you see on this page. If you choose to purchase any of these items, just click on the respective Affiliate link.

This 5 in 1 reflector diffuser combo is one i use in studio and when in the field. I use it for a variety of shooting subjects. Toys,people,flowers. Super versatile and folds up really nicely to fit in a bag or purse or backpack.

I can be seen in most youtube videos using this wonderful powerful portable Flash unit.

I absolutely love this flash! In studio shooting toys or products. Or out in the field shooting mushrooms and people. I cannot praise this item enough!

This single Bluetooth portable Led light source is totally handy to have. You see me in my Youtube videos using this often. For fill light or main light. Can be controlled from your phone! A great lighting option for toy photography too!

This little snoot helps me often. It controls the light spill. This is important for me when photographing small scenes with toys or small products. Dont forget to buy the modification frame that holds it onto the Lume Cube.

This little Modification frame holds light modifiers like the snoot onto the Lume Cube.

This Light is incredibly useful. I can own it, use it and recommend it. I often use this in toy photography on my Youtube channel. It is heavy though so if you decide this light is what you want. You will need a Cstand for it (below). No wires no cords, take this light to the beach, to the forest maybe to the moon! And you will have plenty of flash power. The one linked here is for canon so make sure if you shoot other brands you click on this link and make sure you select your camera brand!

This Cstand is invaluable to me. I honestly should have more. With the boom arm you can get light just where you need it. Or boom out other items too. I use this with my studio lighting when i need to get a light source over the scene in just the right position. Folds up and can be taken to locations too outside the studio.

A must have piece of equipment for decreasing the minimum focusing distance of your lens. I use very often in toy photography and when shooting humming birds. Anytime you want to move in really close with a lens this is the tool to have. These are for canon so when ordering make sure to check for you camera brand. Do not buy cheap ones or non AF ones. The cheap $20 ones can damage your lens mount and you will be very angry.

This kit is a wonderful and necessary one. Cleaning camera body, sensor, and lens fronts and backs is easy with the rocket blaster. When shooting toys there is dust flying and flour floating haha. When outside there is dust and bugs etc. Keep your equipment clean with this kit.

This is my absolute favorite “go too” lens for toy photography! I can be seen using this in my Youtube videos more often than any other lens i own. This is a “CANON” lens it can be used on EF and EFS bodies. Make sure it will fit your canon. I do shoot human portraits, birds and wildflowers with this lens too. It is a lens with a wide maximum aperture.

This roll is always being used in my studio. Its 26 inches wide so you can use it in small places. I use this item regularly and it lasts a long time. Unless you get it wet or dirty and cut a new length every shoot. I use it then brush it off and roll back up till next time.

This adapter i use for my speedlight, and my evolv200. it allows me to use modifiers like snoots and soft boxes with my speedlight and evolv200.

This snoot with gel and grid combo i use all the time in my videos. Excellent way to get controlled focused lighting.

Both the adapter and a snoot in this pack. I use both of these all the time in my videos.